Create a Space with Google Chat

by | Jan 14, 2023

Please feel free to create workspaces and chats with your team members.


  • Since most of us are on-site and have 2 emails and PC’s, we generally like to make a space with 4 emails in it for a direct Chat. For example, if Chris and Samantha want to have a direct chat, Chris or Samantha can create a workspace as below.
      • Chris Coastal email
      • Chris Luminize email
      • Samantha Coastal email
      • Samantha Luminize email


1. Create a space that includes both your Luminize and Coastal emails for both parties. This must be done through your COASTAL EMAIL.

2. Create and name the space as “My Name + Team Member’s Name”

NOTE: Make sure to check “Allow people outside your organization to join” before adding names and emails.

3. Once the space has been created, each of the invited members must accept the invitation via email.

NOTE: You can find spaces that you have been invited to but have not accepted by going to “Browse spaces”.

Feel free to create spaces for anything you would like. You can add multiple people to spaces as well.