Amazon Product Reviews vs Ratings

by | Jan 19, 2023

What are product reviews?

Amazon product reviews and ratings are two different types of customer feedback that sellers can use to improve their listings and increase sales.

Product reviews are written comments that customers leave about a product. They can include information about the product’s quality, functionality, and overall satisfaction. Reviews can be positive, negative, or neutral and can be helpful to potential buyers in making a purchasing decision.


What are product ratings?

Ratings, on the other hand, are numerical scores that customers assign to a product. Amazon uses a five-star rating system, where customers can rate a product from one to five stars. These ratings are often used in conjunction with reviews to give potential buyers a quick summary of the overall satisfaction of previous customers.


How Are Product Star Ratings Calculated?

From Amazon

“Amazon calculates a product’s star rating using machine-learned models instead of a simple average.

These models take into account factors such as how recent the rating or review is and verified purchase status. They use multiple criteria that establish the authenticity of the feedback. The system continues to learn and improve over time.

We do not consider customer ratings without an Amazon Verified Purchase status in a product’s overall star rating until a customer adds more details in the form of text, image, or video.”

Once a product rating is given, The visual star ratings are rounded to the nearest half-star.. For example, a 3.7 is rounded down to a 3.5 visual rating and a 3.8 is rounded up to a 4.0 star visual rating. This is done to make it easier for customers to quickly identify products with high ratings and make a more informed decision when shopping on Amazon.