Meet The Luminize Team

Luminize Marketing started with ambition and a desire to help others.

Before founding our agency, we were actually on the other side of the table as owners of Brick and Mortar natural food stores. Noticing a void in the market, we decided to take our passion online, providing healthy options for consumers in a more accessible way. Through this venture, we gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in both e-commerce and Amazon distribution and selling, completely understanding your mission in providing top-quality products for a global audience.

Our Amazon experience and relationships with brands led us to establish Luminize Marketing, helping others navigate their way through the process we spent years figuring out. Now, we represent some of the largest brands on Amazon.

Sid Mikhail

Chief Executive Officer & Brand Growth Accelerator

Monica Shammam

Strategic Growth & Partnerships

Zack Anderson

Chief Marketing Officer

Leah Matteo

Sr. Business Development & Partnership

Jacob St. John

Director of Marketing

Omar Mikhail

Chief Financial Officer

Becca Neises

Brand Strategist

Hugo Polance

Brand Equity & eCommerce Attorney

Bennett Comendul

Sr. Business Analyst

Morgan Marince

eCommerce Content Lead

Chase Jenkins

Advertising & eCommerce Specialist

Lauren Sandwith

Brand Manager

Marintia Cuevas

Assistant to the CEO

Brian Murphy

Software Developer

Ricky Contreras

Brand Manager

Michele Mccarthy

Creative Content Specialist

Brandon Born

Data Analyst

Micky Steinberg

Data Analyst & Mathematician

Michael Cartwright

SEO Listing Optimization Specialist

Ashley Feransou

Human Resources Operations Manager

Daniel Garcia

Inventory Manager

Renee Silva

Warehouse Supervisor

Paulina Mariscal

eCommerce Coordinator

Flora Marcus

eCommerce Buyer

Christine Melendez

Warehouse Manager

Leslie Tran

SEO Specialist

Sid Mikhail
Hugo Polanco
Brand Equity & eCommerce Attorney
Leah Matteo
Sr. Business Development & Partnership
Omar Mikhail
Chief Financial Officer

Brand Protection

Maintaining a high quality reputation is important for your brand image


A high converting product page can make all the difference

Ad Management

Get the most out of your ads with constant reporting

Product Pricing

Price your products for maximum profits and return customers


We’ll handle all of the logistics as your trusted 3PL partner


We stay up to date with the latest marketing trends

Inventory Forecasting

Avoid unnecessary storage fees with our proprietary inventory system

Organic Traffic

Strategic methods that will rank your products on Amazon search